Your Boutique Multi-Platform Media Arts Shop

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About Us

Erie Looking Productions is based in Ashtabula, Ohio. We are a boutique multi-platform media arts shop available for contract work and consultation. We work in LaTeX2e, audiovisual editing, creative consulting, and more to provide unique solutions. Examples of audio works we have created can be found online at the Internet Archive.

Various literary works by our proprietor, Stephen Michael Kellat, are currently available for purchase via Amazon. Works are available in a variety of formats. They were typeset by us.

Serving You In The COVID-19 Crisis

We continue to monitor and react to the COVID-19 crisis. The long-running crisis has shaped how we operate. After nearly two years we've come to a view that the pre-coronavirus world isn't coming back completely any time soon, if at all. We're looking at how we can move forward boldly into a new future.

To Reach Us

For more information, please contact us by telephone in the United States at 814-580-8087, via Skype or via e-mail. We are presently not hosting our own e-mail due to strategic reconsideration of our server spending as well as changes in the market at this time. That may change as circumstances develop and we assess infrastructure-as-a-service options.