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About Us

Erie Looking Productions is based in Ashtabula, Ohio. We are a boutique multi-platform media arts shop available for contract work. From work in LaTeX2e to audio production to video editing, we provide unique solutions for you. Examples of audio works we have created can be found online at the Internet Archive.

This is not Stephen Michael Kellat's blog Coyote Works. Printed works by Stephen are currently available for purchase via Amazon. Although Mr. Kellat may presently be a candidate for local elected office in Ashtabula City please contact him concerning that matter through other channels.

To Reach Us

For more information as well as price quotes, please contact us via Skype. Our rather secondary presence on Facebook that can be found at

Serving You In The COVID-19 Crisis

Filmed Services

Previously we recorded condensed worship services for a variety of video platforms on short turnaround in April 2020.

We resumed posting filmed church services in November 2020. They are presently posted to YouTube while we continue to investigate establishing our own hosting infrastructure.

Currently the filming of services is being held in abeyance. This was reflected in a video posted to the YouTube channel. Due to a mix of events beyond our control it appears video production operations relative to filmed worship services may not resume until after November 2nd at the soonest and November 23rd at the latest.

Other Actions

Typesetting of worship materials using LaTeX2e is one of our specialties that we have had to leverage repeatedly. Utilizing thorough knowledge of radio frequency tech we even got a church parking lot rigged legally for FM sound temporarily for drive-in services in May 2020. These solutions and more have been part of our work during this continuing crisis.

In a time of many questions we can offer solutions to at least some of your problems. We may not be a traditional partner that you would consider but in these times of change are problem-solvers worth considering. Contact us for a consultation.

Regular Commercial Services Offered

During the continuing COVID-19 crisis we must be creative in meeting service requests. Please contact us to discuss availability. An illustrative list of possible services includes:



Our Works in Progress