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New Spy-Fi Novella Released

June 12, 2021

ASHTABULA – Erie Looking Productions announces the release this weekend of the third novella on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform that it typeset. Entitled "The Tale of Samurai Brown", the spy-fi speculative fiction story by Stephen Michael Kellat explores the impacts to our life on the ground from attacks to our satellite infrastructure. The story is available in print for $6.00 as well as on the Kindle platform for $3.99.

"The Long March 5B rocket debris from the People's Republic of China that came down from space to ground in an uncontrolled fashion just last month helped bring this more into the minds of the public. Countries like the People's Republic of China, the Russian Federation, and the Republic of India are all confirmed to have weapons today that can shoot down satellites. These sorts of weapons simply didn't exist during the Kennedy-era space race. Space is getting crowded and we need to have more imagination than our leaders in Congress are showing about what could come," Kellat said.

Kellat holds a master's degree in library science from Clarion University of Pennsylvania and served as a civil servant for six years for different federal agencies. He holds a General class ham radio license from the Federal Communications Commission.

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