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2014-08-19 by Stephen Michael Kellat, tagged as miscellany, roughcuts, thoughts

Eventually even a blog can be brought back to life. A simple list may be best in order, for now, at the very least:

Middle of Night Miscellany

2012-05-31 by Stephen Michael Kellat, tagged as miscellany

1. I finally shifted from GoDaddy to NameCheap as domain name registrar. I was a little nervous but it worked with little to no fussing. My domains are paid up until June 2013.

2. I think I am figuring out what I can do with ubuntu-defaults-builder. So far the created metapackage lets me keep a common installed base of packages on family boxes regardless of Ubuntu flavor. I'm probably overlooking something super cool with such but these are but baby steps. Supposedly I can make a custom live CD using the package's tools but I need it to base off Xubuntu in lieu of Ubuntu...

3. The Burning Circle had Memorial Day off. Barring anything bizarre erupting, there should be a new episode on June 4th.

4. Erie Looking Productions has been producing online programming for four years and seven months. We didn't expect initially to go past January 2008 but will celebrate five years on November 4th. The impromptu film school presented by Ronald D. Moore in his commentaries to Battlestar Galactica have been useful inspiration. Other texts such as a British text on producing radio drama as well as J. Michael Straczynski's book on scripts have helped fuel things too.

5. Circumstances did not play out as expected to where I'd have started studying Perl earnestly about now. The plan is not abandoned. I intend to pick said studies back up some time later this year.

Miscellany: Madly Off In All Directions

2012-05-09 by Stephen Michael Kellat, tagged as miscellany
  1. In light of a security breach at Twitter I am looking to terminate my presence there and stick with Identica instead. I need to sleep on this, though.

  2. No, I don't intend to return to Google Plus. I've left it twice and don't intend to leave it a third time.

  3. Podcast operations will resume eventually. In lieu of normal programs I pulled the dramatization of Murray Leinster's A Logic Named Joe out of the vault for people to enjoy. Considering it is a tale about computers and computer networks going wild, it seems apropos these days. Normal programs, whether for library land or the Ohio LoCo, should be released on May 14th.

  4. I put forward a proposal to include apt-offline on the LiveCD for Xubuntu. I don't feel confident enough to drive that by myself. I wrote up a rationale specification if somebody wants to adopt a fairly small project for the Quantal Quetzal cycle that helps bridge digital divides.

  5. I need to look at scripting something using rsstail and pandoc to grab RSS feed updates and transmogrify them into EPUB files I can load to my ereader. The package calibre allows for this sort of thing but I want something that is somewhat safe to use cross-architecture and not as monolithic. Setting such up as a batch job on my SheevaPlug is a desired sort of endgame for such efforts.

  6. The BeagleBoard-xM remains offline. Right now a rackmount box has taken its place. When time permits I will try to resume BeagleBoard operations.