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Ohio IRC Meeting Report for November 1, 2012

2012-11-03 by Stephen Michael Kellat, tagged as loco

The Ohio Local Community Team held its first meeting since June 2011 on November 1, 2012. Leading the meeting were Michael Gilbert and Cheri Francis of the Ohio LoCo's High Council. It was announced at the meeting that the final member of the triumvirate, Jon Buckley, is standing down due to other commitments which will thereby spark an election.

During the meeting the LoCo was officially informed that it was not re-approved by the LoCo Council and was invited to seek approval again in six months. The main reason for the lack of approval was the lack of activity and especially the lack of documentation of any activity within the Wiki infrastructure as would be expected. The team received abstentions rather than negative votes.

Clean up of the team structure was discussed. Ohio is a large state and the membership is rather dispersed throughout the state. So far we have had a lack of response from various sub-state groups such as in Cincinnati, Dayton, Akron, and Cleveland while we have heard from Columbus and Mansfield. Action is to be taken to inquire why the Arizona LoCo has indirect membership within the Ohio LoCo and to potentially remove them. Discussion also ensued about Unity has caused disharmony in Ohio and how we need to move past that. Also discussed was the "gamer trophy" behavior in which people have joined the LoCo but express extreme consternation whenever they receive communications via the team mailing list or via the effectively moribund forum.

Action items heading forward include:

The next meeting is set for December 2012 on a time and date to be announced.

IRC meeting text will be available here: