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Post-Meeting Announcement

2013-11-24 by Stephen Michael Kellat, tagged as announcements, bolo-rising, leadernotes

Due to low attendance at the 2013-11-23 meeting, the following issues remain for discussion in a thread on by the Ubuntu Ohio community:

The original meeting agenda remains posted on the wiki. The log is posted here.

Quick Stock Take

2013-11-22 by Stephen Michael Kellat, tagged as announcements, bolo-rising, leadernotes

In no particular order:

Mid-September Leader Notes

2013-09-18 by Stephen Michael Kellat, tagged as leadernotes

Ubuntu Global Jam "S" in Ubuntu Ohio

The Ubuntu Global Jam event for Ubuntu Ohio was UbuCon at Ohio Linux Fest 2013. I had a bit of trepidation about scheduling this and there were all sorts of bumps in the road. The event happened and was attended well. Sadly I wasn't able to have any of it recorded for release as part of the Burning Circle but notes were taken.

Our presenters were:

This won't necessarily be possible to replicate for the "T" cycle but planning that far ahead yet has not happened.

Exhibition Floor on Saturday at Ohio Linux Fest 2013

I would be remiss if I did not mention that Snowy Penguin Solutions helped us get a table secured in time on the exhibition floor. They helped us bust through a communications barrier to get things cleared. As Leader I express thanks to them for their gracious support.

Canonical provided financial support from the community budget to help us secure a table. This was not initially expected to be necessary. Support from Jono Bacon and the community team made it possible for us to speak to so many people at Ohio Linux Fest.

Many business cards were handed out. According to the contract terms, unless Ubuntu Ohio manufactured the discs itself it could not distribute them. Questions were fielded about Xubuntu, the status of Mir, what is going on with Ubuntu Touch, are there many users in Ohio utilizing Xubuntu, where are you physically based, and when do you hold in-person meetings.

I was actually surprised at the number of Xubuntu questions and the interest in Xfce. Ubuntu Ohio is fairly agnostic as to desktop environment. Mir was an interesting discussion but nobody was too worried. Folks did enjoy ogling Jono's phone when they had chance while I kept saying it was the first "sane" phone I've seen in a while. Then again, I used to sell cell phones for a living and sold all four major US carriers for an indirect retailer.

As to a physical base, we don't have that. We have no cathedral or front office. Many people assumed we were based in the capital Columbus where the event was being held but I live in Ashtabula County in the far northeastern corner. We currently lack the population clumping to allow for in-person meetings at the sub-state level and the previous sub-state groups no longer really exist. I'm still unsure where the Cleveland one disappeared to, for example.

Two other things should be noted. We always mentioned "Ubuntu Ohio". The words "LoCo" and "team" really weren't uttered. When people asked what we are, my explanation was that we are a social community for fellowship where we support each other and build each other up. We're listed in the LoCo Portal as not providing tech support at the moment as we frankly do not have the numbers of members. Our goal for now is to build each other up, learn more about the many flavors of Ubuntu, and try to grow. Recognizing the state of Ohio's economy, we also realize that people will need to move on as time goes by and that that is okay.

Unlike the US ice cream chain Baskin-Robbins with its 31 flavors slogan, the Ubuntu realm only has 8 so far...

Software Freedom Day

Ubuntu Ohio has no scheduled activities for Software Freedom Day in 2013. This is in line with the outright suspension of all sub-state groups as of Friday, September 13, 2013. Once we are better organized to know where everybody is and find population clumping we can reorganize our ground game. Until then, we remain an online society community focused on fellowship and supporting each other as best we can.

Next Meeting

Not yet scheduled. We need to focus on helping with Saucy Salamander's completion if we are part of those areas of effort.

Yes Virginia, There Will Be An UbuCon

2013-08-02 by Stephen Michael Kellat, tagged as leadernotes

It appears that Ubuntu Ohio was able to secure sufficient commitments from presenters. This means we will have potentially enough content to put on a good UbuCon. Ohio Linux Fest 2013 is set for September 13-15 in Columbus, Ohio. UbuCon will fall on Friday, September 13th.

Further details will be released as they become available. If necessary, an audio advertisement may be released to outlets such as Ubuntu (UK) Podcast, Linux Outlaws, Rathole Radio, and The Dick Turpin Road Show.

LAST CALL -- We Do Not Have Enough Talks For UbuCon

2013-07-31 by Stephen Michael Kellat, tagged as leadernotes

As sent to Ubuntu Ohio's mailing list on July 30th:

Alrighty. If we do not conflict with the Early Penguins Keynote that is expected, we have about 8 hours to work with. We have three presentations proposed with an hour alloted to each. I would start the day with an introduction and Ohio economy chat that would take one hour. Assuming we allow an hour for lunch, we still come up three hours short.

In presenting an UbuCon, we are not going to plan to have things fall together at the last minute. We need three presentation proposals in at least rough outline form by tomorrow. Ohio Linux Fest is our time to shine but I also want those presenting to have a little over a month to refine their presentations. Initial pitches at this stage are okay but time is needed to build full presentations.

With what we do have at the time I write this, I do not feel we have enough to justify putting on a program. We need three more presentations. If we do not have further proposals in by 11:59 PM Eastern Time on July 31st we may not be able to proceed with presenting UbuCon at Ohio Linux Fest 2013. Proposals can be sent to & will be acknowledged as promptly as possible. Proposals can come from outside the Ubuntu Ohio community for consideration.

We're either doing this or we're not. We're not throwing this together at the last minute. What is the community's pleasure?

Stephen Michael Kellat

Late July Notes From Ohio Leader

2013-07-21 by Stephen Michael Kellat, tagged as leadernotes

Ubuntu Ohio held an IRC meeting on Thursday. Leveraging the capabilities of the LoCo Portal allows for rough minutes to be maintained there. A few matters arose:

In light of the hostile actions taken against the Ubuntu Forums which have sparked recovery processes, members of Ubuntu Ohio are asked at this time to stick to the mailing list and the IRC channel for discussions.

The package monkeysign is being investigated for use with the proposed possible keysigning at Ohio Linux Fest. Currently the package has been copied from Debian Unstable to the Saucy Salamander package archive and test backports have been made by the leader in his personal PPA. If it does not break their may be an Ubuntu Ohio PPA opened with backports for 12.04, 12.10, and 13.04. Other tools to ease the process for the proposed session are also being investigated. The Leader has committed to send out sets of instructions to the team for at least two weeks prior to Ohio Linux Fest if the keysigning session is to happen.

Heading Into Memorial Day Weekend

2013-05-25 by Stephen Michael Kellat, tagged as leadernotes

As we enter into the holiday weekend in Ohio, a couple notes:

  1. There will be an episode of the Burning Circle released on Monday. The release time will be a bit flexible, though. Watch your podcatcher!

  2. I will be guest-preaching at West Avenue Church of Christ (5901 West Avenue, Ashtabula, OH, 44004) on Sunday, May 26th. Service starts at 10:30 AM and should not last more than an hour. Visitors are welcome and encouraged. The service is a cappella.

  3. Randall Ross had a post up about the LoCo borders discussion that happened during vUDS-1305. Something I wrote is referenced. I encourage you to read the whole thing beyond the references made by Randall.

  4. For all who have a holiday weekend in the US and beyond, enjoy it! If you're looking for something to package or play with, check out markdowner.