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Starting The New Year

2015-01-01 by Stephen Michael Kellat, tagged as beginnings

As written elsewhere:

Stephen Michael Kellat also said that he is leaving the Community, just some events will keep him at bay from doing something within the Community.

If anything that probably should have read instead:

Stephen Michael Kellat also said that he is not leaving the Community, just some events will limit him from doing as much as he had been within the Community.

Transitions are never easy to do. The Ohio Leadership team now takes the lead in community life for Ubuntu Ohio. No silly names of council or board or what have you. They, that is to say Svetlana Belkin, James Gifford, and Unit193, are the Ohio Leadership Team. If these names seem familiar to you even outside Ohio, it is okay. From AskUbuntu to Ubuntu Women to Xubuntu to Ubuntu Documentation, the three of them have all stood and continue to stand as leaders in the overall Ubuntu realm.

I look forward to the Ubuntu Global Jam event being worked on by Ohio Leadership that may take place at one of the Ohio state park lodges near the center of the state. That sounds like a nice place to rally. I look forward to taking part even if I will not be a main organizer.

I remain a member of LoCo Council at least through the end of my term. My contributions to Xubuntu will be a bit more limited than I would like. Dog-fooding Xubuntu Vivid Varmint...scratch that, make that Vervet, certainly has proved interesting thus far.

I'm still out there. As we begin a new year I've received written orders calling me to a new adventure at work. I am, of course, always looking for far more stable employment that would allow me to contribute more.

And as we are starting the new year, I'll link to pundit Moe Lane's 2015 predictions and provide a few of my own:

It will be interesting to see what comes true...