Notes by Stephen Michael Kellat

LAST CALL -- We Do Not Have Enough Talks For UbuCon

2013-07-31 by Stephen Michael Kellat, tagged as leadernotes

As sent to Ubuntu Ohio's mailing list on July 30th:

Alrighty. If we do not conflict with the Early Penguins Keynote that is expected, we have about 8 hours to work with. We have three presentations proposed with an hour alloted to each. I would start the day with an introduction and Ohio economy chat that would take one hour. Assuming we allow an hour for lunch, we still come up three hours short.

In presenting an UbuCon, we are not going to plan to have things fall together at the last minute. We need three presentation proposals in at least rough outline form by tomorrow. Ohio Linux Fest is our time to shine but I also want those presenting to have a little over a month to refine their presentations. Initial pitches at this stage are okay but time is needed to build full presentations.

With what we do have at the time I write this, I do not feel we have enough to justify putting on a program. We need three more presentations. If we do not have further proposals in by 11:59 PM Eastern Time on July 31st we may not be able to proceed with presenting UbuCon at Ohio Linux Fest 2013. Proposals can be sent to & will be acknowledged as promptly as possible. Proposals can come from outside the Ubuntu Ohio community for consideration.

We're either doing this or we're not. We're not throwing this together at the last minute. What is the community's pleasure?

Stephen Michael Kellat