Notes by Stephen Michael Kellat

Shifting Systems Around

2013-06-22 by Stephen Michael Kellat, tagged as change

Preparatory to running a netinstall on the BeagleBoard-xM using the directions here to bump it cleanly up to Xubuntu 13.04 potentially, I am having to migrate the homes of some services around. The in-house Raspberry Pi is going to be picking up a bit of the load for the time being it seems.

Scripts get to run. Audible things like podcasts get downloaded via a hacked-upon version of bashpodder and gpodder being used in a command-line automated fashion. Launchpad branches auto-update to keep control over the bashpodder version in case something goes wrong. bzr-upload does its magic to stash that branch via SFTP in what gets viewed as a bit of gopherspace through the lens of SDF. GnuPG keys get refreshed frequently against the keyserver network.

LOCKSS, much?