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Shifting Systems Around

2013-06-22 by Stephen Michael Kellat, tagged as change

Preparatory to running a netinstall on the BeagleBoard-xM using the directions here to bump it cleanly up to Xubuntu 13.04 potentially, I am having to migrate the homes of some services around. The in-house Raspberry Pi is going to be picking up a bit of the load for the time being it seems.

Scripts get to run. Audible things like podcasts get downloaded via a hacked-upon version of bashpodder and gpodder being used in a command-line automated fashion. Launchpad branches auto-update to keep control over the bashpodder version in case something goes wrong. bzr-upload does its magic to stash that branch via SFTP in what gets viewed as a bit of gopherspace through the lens of SDF. GnuPG keys get refreshed frequently against the keyserver network.

LOCKSS, much?

Ubuntu Ohio June 2013 Meeting

2013-06-19 by Stephen Michael Kellat, tagged as locomeeting

Ubuntu Ohio held a business meeting on Tuesday, June 18, 2013. A few items were considered but due to a low turnout final actions were not necessarily taken. One item, finding a deputy to sign the Ohio Linux Fest table contract on behalf of the Leader, has been bound over to the mailing list for further consideration by the community at large.

The log of the meeting with slides interleaved can be found on the Ubuntu Wiki Infrastructure at and the team can be found online at Voicemail can be left for the LoCo Leader via SIP call at

2013-06-01 -- Kicking Off Hurricane Season

2013-06-01 by Stephen Michael Kellat, tagged as leader

As sent via e-mail to Ubuntu Ohio:

Greetings from Ashtabula.

Hurricane season kicks off Saturday. We have this happen annually. I do ask that members of our Local Community Team please take the following FEMA Emergency Management Institute Course:

IS-7: A Citizen's Guide to Disaster Assistance

This will help you gain an appreciation for how the disaster assistance system works. This is a free course and there is a test at the end you can take that leads to a completion certificate. I have already completed this class and note that it can be completed at your own pace.

Hurricane season is typically a gamble. Some years are quiet. Some years are horrific such as when we see events like Hurricane Katrina and "Superstorm" Sandy. If things happen, we will see requests for assistance erupt. Knowing how the incident management systems of our country work will help ensure that if we are somehow able to come to the aid of anyone potentially impacted in the coming season.

The completion certificate after you pass the test comes as a PDF file. I would ask that you save that. If you do not already have a profile on I would urge you to start building such and use this as a starting point for "Training & Development" you've undertaken. For those interested in starting down the road to being an Ubuntu Member, consider this an easy first step as we get started with that initiative during this cycle.

Metaphorically speaking, two birds with one stone...

Stephen Michael Kellat
Leader & Point of Contact

I can be reached at