Notes by Stephen Michael Kellat

January Business Meeting for Ubuntu Ohio

2013-01-24 by Stephen Michael Kellat, tagged as reports

A look at a window of Pidgin where the IRC meeting happened to have been underway

The Ohio Local Community Team met for a business meeting on the night of Wednesday, 23 January 2013. No action items were formally adopted at the meeting. The need to bolster the LoCo's online presence was discussed in-depth as well as how the weather currently is impeding the ability to meet together. For example, the community's podcasters in Ashtabula have been coping with multiple days of a "Lake Effect Snow Warning" that has dumped 10 inches of snow on them and has made travel treacherous. Efforts will continue to beef up the team's presence on Identica and Google Plus while research continues into finding an appropriate video-conferencing solution that is not Google-based that the team can use.

The log of the meeting can be found on the Ubuntu Wiki Infrastructure for viewing.