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Checking Links Post-Snow

2014-11-23 by Stephen Michael Kellat

There may have been a ton of snowfall in the Lake Erie shore region susceptible to "Lake Effect" over the past week. We have had some warming up.

Thankfully we haven't had infrastructure failures. There had been some fears of that. A week has come to a close and a new one is to begin.

Why You Might Not See Me At UOS 1411

2014-11-06 by Stephen Michael Kellat, tagged as infrastructure

Even though Ubuntu Online Summit November 2014 is next week, there is a chance I may not be actively participating. For somebody who serves on a governance body in the community that can be problematic. In this case, some circumstances remain beyond my control.

My broadband provider remains Time Warner Cable which remains in the middle of acquisition approval proceedings. Eventually it may be approved for being gobbled up by Comcast. I do not have any insider knowledge on that at all. Time Warner Cable is the only provider that meets the most recent definition of a broadband provider in my part of Ashtabula County in northeast Ohio.

Having a single monopoly provider can be problematic. As of late we have been switched to "digital television" at home. The channels pixelate frequently to unintelligibility. Broadband service drops out at the weirdest times. Access to Internet mainstays like Yahoo! can magically disappear for hours. Service is not reliable. For the current use profile, though, there are no functional alternatives. The local DSL provider offers significantly slower speeds and is almost blacklisted by Netflix. Wireless broadband via cellular carriers end up being a license for the carriers to print money. Satellite-based Internet such as HughesNet is a non-starter due to high propensity for rain fade on signals due to local precipitation patterns as well as being known for "lake effect snow storms".

If I am in attendance, IRC presence is most likely. If I manage to be on-camera, hopefully I do not disappear. Anything can happen but local infrastructure fails at the strangest times.

Heck, I am up to 3 UPS units scattered around the house now due to some fragile spots in the local electrical distribution system...

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2014-09-04 by Stephen Michael Kellat, tagged as announcements, roughcuts

The following message was sent as an ALL-CALL to all members of Ubuntu Ohio regardless of their subscription status to the team's Launchpad-based mailing list.

This is an all-call to Ubuntu Ohio.

For the purposes of Ubuntu Global Jam I would like to schedule regional keysignings. Setting up an all-state single gathering is not looking doable at this time. With our not participating in Ohio Linux Fest this year setting things up regionally would seem appropriate.

For those living in any of the following counties I want to set up an event in perhaps Kirtland, Kent, or somewhere in Geagua County: Lorain, Cuyahoga, Medina, Summit, Portage, Trumbull, Geagua, Lake, Ashtabula, Wayne, Stark, and Mahoning. It will be ideal if anybody in the community with proper connections can get us space to meet in on Kent State University's Kent Campus. Relative to Kirtland as a meeting point, I can either contact Kirtland Public Library or talk to Lakeland Community College to get space. As to Geauga County for a meeting point I will be open for suggestions.

No, we will not attempt to go for an inconvenient location such as The Lodge at Geneva State Park in Ashtabula County for the group of counties listed above.

For other portions of the state, I am open to ideas for organization as to where you would like to get together and how wide a net you would like to cast. Please contribute those on the community's mailing list at

If you are interested in participating in this face-to-face event you need to express interest on the mailing list and indicate both what county you live in and your preferred date to get together. We need expressions of interest by NO LATER THAN 10 PM local time on Friday night. Ubuntu Global Jam runs September 12th-14th and Monday will be a day to scramble to get meeting places set up. Instructions on what to bring for the keysigning would be provided by Tuesday night so as to prepare if enough interest is expressed.

For the purposes of this all-call, "enough interest" is going to be defined as a minimum of 3 people other than the person heading up the keysigning session commiting on-list to attend.

If there any questions, please contact the Ohio leadership team by way of this contact form:

Thank you for your time and patience.

Stephen Michael Kellat
Leader/Point of Contact, Ubuntu Ohio


2014-08-19 by Stephen Michael Kellat, tagged as miscellany, roughcuts, thoughts

Eventually even a blog can be brought back to life. A simple list may be best in order, for now, at the very least:

New GnuPG key

2014-05-18 by Stephen Michael Kellat
9C4B2D87 is the new small-c canonical GnuPG key for me.

Blog Resumption

2014-03-22 by Stephen Michael Kellat, tagged as silenced

For the time being the blog remains on ice. Resumption will occur at such time as it may be best appropriate. Currently that seems to be when I am no longer on active, paid status as a federal civil servant.

Temporary Shift for Ubuntu Ohio

2013-12-19 by Stephen Michael Kellat, tagged as announcements

Delegation of Authority

  1. This delegation is made in recognition of changing circumstances for the Point of Contact/Leader. This is an attempt to adapt to those changes.

  2. Nothing in this delegation prevents the Point of Contact/Leader from taking action in any area delegated, if necessary, prior to this instrument's expiration.

  3. The following members of Ubuntu Ohio listed by Launchpad username are designated as deputies to act in place of the Point of Contact/Leader during the period this delegation is in effect: unit193, jamesgifford, belkinsa. Upon the promulgation of this instrument, deputies shall introduce themselves to the LoCo Council via e-mail and send introduction e-mails to the loco-contacts e-mail list.

  4. While the delegation of authority is in force, the deputies may engage in the following functions: Conduct meetings on IRC, Maintain the Ubuntu Ohio web site, Update the monthly Team Report, Represent the needs of the community to governance bodies as appropriate, Bring the future planning discussion to a conclusion. With the consent of the Point of Contact/Leader, the deputies may make requests upon the Community Budget administered by the Canonical Community Team and propose changes to the online resources of the community that may change their character from their current standing.

  5. The delegation provided for in this instrument may not be re-delegated.

  6. Unless sooner revoked, this delegation remains in effect until 0501 UTC on Sunday, February 2, 2014.

Done at Ashtabula Township this 18th day of December 2013.

Point of Contact/Leader, Ubuntu Ohio

Post-Meeting Announcement

2013-11-24 by Stephen Michael Kellat, tagged as announcements, bolo-rising, leadernotes

Due to low attendance at the 2013-11-23 meeting, the following issues remain for discussion in a thread on by the Ubuntu Ohio community:

The original meeting agenda remains posted on the wiki. The log is posted here.

Quick Stock Take

2013-11-22 by Stephen Michael Kellat, tagged as announcements, bolo-rising, leadernotes

In no particular order:

Ubuntu Ohio To Hold November Meeting

2013-10-24 by Stephen Michael Kellat, tagged as announcements

The following e-mail was sent to the Ubuntu Ohio community on Wednesday:

Ubuntu Ohio will have a meeting on Saturday, November 9th, at 8 PM. The agenda can be found at and additional items can be added below "Any Other Business".

Stephen Michael Kellat
Point of Contact/Leader, Ubuntu Ohio

A primary matter for discussion will be the pending draft Verification Application to be placed before the LoCo Council soon for consideration. Other matters will also arise.