It is a broken record. Over and over again, VA leadership has told us they are working on holding their employees accountable. But their actions say the exact opposite.

The VA is telling Congress how an employee entertains themselves when they are off the clock is none of our business — even if it is blatantly illegal behavior endangering them and others.

To state the obvious, when employees fail to show up to work because they are in jail, they no longer can fulfill their duties and the VA has the right and responsibility to terminate their employment. Federal employees paid by your taxpayer dollars should be held to this common sense standard.

The good news is Congress has a solution to the problem. Last summer, the House of Representatives passed the VA Accountability Act, which would give much broader authority and responsibility for the VA to hold their bureaucrats responsible for their actions. Much to our disappointment, the Senate has failed to move that legislation forward. The excuses for the blatant and, at times, criminal behavior of VA employees must stop, and it is long past due for the Senate to send this common sense legislation to the president’s desk.

Once we get this bill to President Obama and Secretary McDonald, they must decide: Do they support accountability and our veterans? Or do they side with the VA employee unions and oppose these common sense reforms?

Despite their threats to veto the legislation, we hope the White House will put the safety and well-being of our veterans first.

Congressman Tim Huelskamp (R-Kan.) and Congresswoman Jackie Walorski (R-Ind.) are members of the House Veterans Affairs’ Committee.