Erie Looking Productions

0.9 Special Projects

0.9.1 RSS

Work has taken place on using feed2exec to watch my own RSS feeds.88This drives my Mastodon presence due to some current unpleasantness.

0.9.2 E-mail

Due to how inconsistent network access is becoming locally, review of Offline IMAP is becoming increasingly necessary. With a specific polling frequency, I can ensure I at least have a backup of access to the account e-mail to work with. I’ll need to get that set up on a local Raspberry Pi that I can jack into the network. Bringing feed reading into the mix would be helpful too, I believe. As I have Using & Managing UUCP on the shelf, I might as well review UUCP Mail Interchange Format Standard (1986) as well as NOAA FTPMail and the Emergency Manager Weather Information Network (EMWIN).

0.9.3 Television

Currently various television reception antennae are aloft. We no longer receive television service via Spectrum/Charter. Home television is received via DirecTV which has its own holes at times.

Initial Effort

A rushed rapid prototyping using MythTV on Raspbian on a Raspberry Pi 2 was operated backend-only with an HDHomeRun CONNECT Duo attached to a TV antenna. A second HDHomeRun CONNECT Duo was been purchased to provide a bit of diversity reception off a second antenna. As Ashtabula is located somewhat equidistant between Cleveland and Erie, it gets interesting trying to snag signals from both directions which is why I’m shooting for diversity reception.99WVIZ to my west is a particular target for PBS shows via ideastream in Cleveland while to my east in Erie I can pick up WJET, WFXP, and WQLN mostly.

Figure 0.1: An example of previously received channels from the Cleveland area.

Current Effort

Unfortunately the antennae are mounted on and in the garage. The Raspberry Pi 2 was located inside the garage as well in addition to the HDHomeRun CONNECT Duo. The HDHomeRun CONNECT Duo operated just fine. The Raspberry Pi 2 didn’t like the very high temperatures recently and fried.

Eventually I will be building a proper MythTV system on something sturdier than a Raspberry Pi. I will need to build a proper cooling system for it. Deployment will likely prove tricky. An additional attempt was made at deploying hardware but it too met with failure. Resources are thin as to spare computer hardware.

Since the signals couldn’t be joined into a single feedline, a second HDHomeRun CONNECT Duo was purchased to mate to the second antenna. A physical switch is installed with a wireless extender bridge hooked into the switch to cover the physical gap between the house and the garage. There remains work to be done.

Figure 0.2: An example of over-the-air received channels from the Erie area in Pennsylvania.

An alternative would be to use software such as TVHeadEnd which recently was packaged for Raspbian. There is also a snap package for it. Unfortunately I have not spent as much effort as previously hoped to get that running properly.

0.9.4 Other Operations

There are half-formed plans involving GNU SIP Witch. I may instead make a cloud installation of Asterisk and see what develops from that. I have an O’Reilly book on the shelf about how to configure that if I get that far. Avoiding the construction of a "1MC" is the goal for the moment.

Currently there is an installation of FreePBX to a droplet that I have not completely configured. Once configured, I will need to set up extensions and get that prepared. Testing will be required.