Erie Looking Productions

0.4 The Dam Short Film Festival

If I manage to make a timely entry in the Dam Short Film Festival in Boulder City, I will be surprised. There is an idea. I will need to take advantage of the screenplay package on CTAN to try to whip something up. We have some recording resources. This might actually work.

There hasn’t been anything produced of significance under this branding for a while. That needs to change. There is an extremely rough idea for a short film that would be "ripped from the headlines" but from very obscure headlines.44"Political Row Makes Europe Clocks Go Slow," BBC News, March 7, 2018, sec. Europe, Then again, I have been watching too many films on RiffTrax that present strange ideas to build off.55Frankly, I want to avoid excessive establishing shots. However, doing that with narration on top may actually be a useful plot device.