Erie Looking Productions

0.4 Is there more out there?

Yes, you can consult my presence on GitHub as well as on Mastodon as well as many places I have yet to tell you about. The old podcasts that have been archived are available at

If I manage to make a timely entry in the Dam Short Film Festival in Boulder City, I will be surprised. There is an idea. I will need to take advantage of the screenplay package on CTAN to try to whip something up. We have some recording resources. This might actually work.

As part of church activities I do participate in our Domestic Mission Field Activity at West Avenue Church of Christ. Currently we provide full services at Saybrook Landing Nursing Home. I do quite a bit of preaching and the prep work for our twice-a-month visits. A draft copy of one of our service booklets is attached.📌 The church does not have much of a web presence but I am working on that.