Erie Looking Productions

0.4 The Dam Short Film Festival

Making a timely entry for the Dam Short Film Festival in Boulder City remains a backburner matter. There is an idea. I have tested out the screenplay package on CTAN to try to whip something up. Since that produces something usable and we have some recording resources, this might actually work. I just have to get used to the idea of being only the writer.

There hasn’t been anything produced of significance under this branding for a while. That needs to change. There is an extremely rough idea for a short film that would be "ripped from the headlines" but from very obscure headlines.55"Political Row Makes Europe Clocks Go Slow," BBC News, March 7, 2018, sec. Europe, Then again, I have been watching too many films on RiffTrax that present strange ideas to build off.66Frankly, I want to avoid excessive establishing shots. However, doing that with narration on top may actually be a useful plot device.

I missed the submission deadline for the 2019 festival. I will neeed to work harder and try to field two submissions for 2020.