Erie Looking Productions

0.1 Switching Servers

For now this is a LaTeX2e document exported using LaTeXML to being a webpage. This will be expanded eventually. We have been on hiatus for far too long. For now we must remain that way. This will eventually change.11Even though I finally reached "journey level" in my job it is still not on a sure footing. I can be without pay at any time.

This site is being hosted on a $5 Digital Ocean droplet for the time being. The site was previously hosted by LISHost. I want to thank Blake Carver for hosting things for as long as he did. Right now I’m trying some very, very experimental things on this droplet and I do not want to break Blake’s servers again.22There was an ill-fated brief run at implementing a StatusNet server back in the day before StatusNet morphed into being GNUSocial. That broke things as I didn’t set it up right.