Erie Looking Productions

0.1 Switching Servers

For now this is a LaTeX2e document exported using LaTeXML to being a webpage. This will be expanded eventually. We have been on hiatus for far too long. For now we must remain that way. This will eventually change.

This site is being hosted on a $5 Digital Ocean droplet for the time being. The site was previously hosted by LISHost. I want to thank Blake Carver for hosting things for as long as he did. Right now I’m trying some very, very experimental things on this droplet and I do not want to break Blake’s servers again.11There was an ill-fated brief run at implementing a StatusNet server back in the day before StatusNet morphed into being GNUSocial. That broke things as I didn’t set it up right.

Versioning will eventually be implemented on this as soon as the new breezy version control system starts to stabilize a bit. Currently work is underway on implementing a cgit server. Work may also take place on using UUCP in concert with feed2exec.22I am having trouble figuring out how to get feed2exec to create any output currently.📌